The Sims FreePlay Unlimited Life Points & Simoleons 2017

20 Nov

Sims Freeplay Online Generator

The Sims FreePlay Unlimited Life Points & Simoleons 2017

Get infinite life points and simoleons with this hack!

If the video appears to be a little blurry, change the quality in settings to HD.

This is a requested video. Enjoy!

•This only works for android users.
•This does not need to root device.
•Existing game will be lost and you will need to start over.
•You will need a Facebook account to log in and save your data.
•You can only do this once unless you want to start all over again.
•Use the mod app as much as you want to buy items then store it in your inventory then you can transfer those items, billions of simoleons and life points to the original app.
•Why transfer game data from mod app to original app? The mod app don’t update automatically therefore you need to use the original app so you can have an updated game.
•Once you transferred your game data from mod app to the original app, you cannot use the mod app again to play your existing game since you won’t be able to log in successfully without resetting the game.
•The mod app is in its latest version so you can use the mod app as long as you like then just transfer your game data to original app once there is a new update available.
•This hack only gives you infinite simoleons and life points. I do not know how to hack vip points. Since generator hack won’t work because of those human verification surveys, this is the only hack I can think of.
•Before transferring game data to original app, be sure to finish the whole tutorial.
•If it won’t work for you, message me.

Use at your own risk! This is completely safe. What might work for me might not work for you.

The Sims FreePlay Mod App download link:

If you can’t download the file above, use this link:

Removing The Sims FreePlay in your Facebook Account link:

Steps to hack the Sims FreePlay: (Please watch the whole video before referring to these so you won’t get confused and for the hack to work)
1. Uninstall original app of The Sims FreePlay if you have it.
2. Install mod app from the link provided in the description box.
3. Play tutorial until you can access the game’s settings.
4. Go to “Options” then click “Reset Game”.
5. It will restart over then play tutorial until you can access the game’s settings.
6. Go to “Account Manager” then click “Log In”.
7. If it won’t let you log in, you’ll need to remove your game’s access to your Facebook account. If you’re using Google Chrome via mobile, click Google’s settings and tick off “Request Desktop Site” then paste “” to your browser’s URL then log in to your Facebook account.
8. Locate the Sims FreePlay game then, click the “x” button on the upper-right corner of the app then choose “Remove”.
9. Open The Sims FreePlay again and click “Log In”. You should be able to log in successfully.
10. Complete the whole tutorial then use the mod app to buy items and store it in your inventory if you are going to transfer your game data to the original app. The mod app is in its latest version so you can use the mod app as long as you like then just transfer your game data to original app once there is a new update available.

Transferring Game Data from Mod App to Original App:
11. Go to game’s settings then click “The Cloud”.
12. Click “Upload Save Data” then click “Yes”.
13. After saving, uninstall mod app then reinstall original app from the Google Play Store.
14. Open Original app then wait for the files to be downloaded. Click Download Save Data then choose “Log In”.
15. After Logging in, click “Continue”. Congrats! You have successfully transferred your game data from mod app top the original app. You can now enjoy your billions worth of simoleons and life points.

00:00 Warnings
00:11 Uninstall Original App
00:22 Installation of Mod App
00:42 Doing the Hack
02:10 Removing the Sims FreePlay in your Facebook Account
02:37 Logging into Facebook Account using Mod App
02:50 Completion of Tutorial (you can just skip these)
03:21 Buying Items then Storing it into Inventory
03:53 Transfer of Game Data to Original App

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Virtual Families 2 MONEY HACK 2017 100% WORKING (SAFE)

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Sims Freeplay Online Generator

The Sims Freeplay Hack UNLIMITED Simoleons & Lifestyle Points

20 Nov

Sims Freeplay Online Generator

Hey guys and gals, after many request today I’ll show you how to hack the sims freeplay, and get unlimited simoleons lifestylepoints.
The sims freeplay hack is pretty simple and in few I’ll show you how to hack simoleons. The sims freeplay hack doesn’t require root. It possible to hack the sims freeplay, multiple times a day also our servers are encrypted and there is no risk. So what are you waiting for just watch the tutorial.

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The Sims Freeplay, Unlimited Simoleons Cheat With GameGuardian

The Sims Freeplay:

A Sol Mechanic – 1992
Okinawa Lifestyle – Bar (N Key Remix)
A.M. Architect – The Bull Of Heaven

Sims Freeplay Online Generator

The Sims Freeplay Hack – Cheats For Free Simoleons, VIP and Lifestyle Points

18 Nov

Sims Freeplay Online Generator

Hello fellow gamers! We are presenting you new Sims FreePlay hack for free Simeleons, LifeStyle Points and VIP. This generator will work for on all platforms ( Android, iOS, Windows phone and Amazon) just try not to spam our generator with too many hack requests and use it wisely! It’s completely free to use it and the hacking process is simple so anyone can hack Sims FreePlay. The one feature that we highly recommed is Anti-Ban tool in the end of process, just to make sure your account don’t get banned for using our generator.

Sims FreePlay Hack Tool Features:

– It’s free!
– Get unlimited Simeleons, LifeStyle Points and VIP for free
– Anti-ban feature
– Proxy inclouded
– User-friendly interface

Sims FreePlay Cheat URL →

How to hack Sims FreePlay?
The hack is really simple to use, you can just watch video above and follow our step by step instructions. First thing you need to do is to visit and search for Sims FreePlay hack. You can read our article about the game and the hack or you can just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the big red button that says “Online hack”. After that you will be redirected to generator page, click on the “proceed” button and wait for a few moments to make that connection secure. Once connection is secure you will need to fill out some info so generator can do it’s magic ( we will never ask you to give us your password or some sensitive info). In the end click on the blue Generate button and again, sit back, relax and wait till the hacking is done. That’s it guys, when you start Sims FreePlay you should see the amounts you selected. Enjoy in free resources!

You can get The Sims Freeplay game here:
App Store:
Google Play:


Social networks where you can find us are:

Track: Phantom Sage – When I’m Gone [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
Free Download / Stream:
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Sims Freeplay Online Generator

Sims Freeplay Hack Simoleons and Lifestyle Points Free (Android/iOS)

14 Nov

Sims Freeplay Online Generator

Hello, Sims Fans! Today Appsmob present our latest Sims Freeplay Hack tool that can help you to get free simoleons and lifestyle points. With our new tool you can easily hack sims freeplay game. Our The Sims Freeplay Generator is able to bypass the The Sims Freeplay server and fool it into giving you unlimited resources. If you’ve ever wondered about it, how to earn money in the game The Sims Freeplay, now you will learn the answer to that question. There are cheats that allow you to generate free simoleons and lifestyle Points. If you want to get an unlimited number of LP and simoleons you must use a hack tool that allows you to generate all this in a few minutes. Our Sims Freeplay hack have more features, but two of the most important are : sims freeplay hack simoleons and sims freeplay hack lifestyle points. Now let’s find out more about the options. This hack is available on any device. You can use it on your computer and on mobile devices (iOS and Android system). What matters is whether you properly use this method. Overall, the whole process will take you some few minutes and is uncomplicated. Therefore, each person should easily cope with this program to the sims freeplay. Our hack is working on both device system, we have sims freeplay hack ios for apple users and also sims freeplay hack android for google play users. This cheats tool is updated from time to time. Introducing new solutions that improve quality and efficiency.

For the past few months, thousands of people used this program, we got a lot of questions in which you wrote ideas for improvements and what you piss in this tool. In this way, we can work on perfecting this method. Remember that you can not Download this generator. It is one of the many versions available online, the latest update made that you can use this online. The Sims Freeplay Cheats tool has also been optimized for mobile devices so you can today use this on your ios or android phone. Responses to this you can always quickly find on the Internet. First, let’s take a look at these popular sites where you just type in a word, the sims freeplay cheats. Within seconds we will see hundreds if not thousands of results. Each of them presents a method or way that you can use in the game. In this way you can understand that something like cheats and hacks exist in every game. The problem are the only methods that are already old and then we can say that it does not work. Therefore you must have access to the latest versions that give excellent results. If this whole post explained to you all I invite you to test our method. If you like our video about how to hack sims freeplay then please like, subscribe and comment down below!

Hit button for search , then write “sims freeplay” and you will get the hack page like we did in the video.

Our website :

Facebook page :

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Twitter :

Install the game from here :
Google play :
iTunes :

Sims Freeplay Online Generator

The Sims FreePlay Hack 2017 – How To Hack The Sims FreePlay For Free Lifestyle Points & Simoleons

13 Nov

Sims Freeplay Online Generator

The Sims FreePlay Hack Lifestyle Points

Hello guys and welcome to my channel! Today i want to show you step by step how you can use our The Sims FreePlay Hack for Free Lifestyle Points and Unlimited Simoleons right into your iOS or Android devices. Did you ever wondered how to hack The Sims FreePlay for iOS and Android devices? Here is your answer, very detailed. Use our The Sims FreePlay Hack and get Free Lifestyle Points and Simoleons in your devices. In order to use this cheat or glitch for The Sims FreePlay you do not have to root or jailbreak your device, no need to pay for expensive surveys or human verification. This can be done freely and i will show you this step by step in this video!


Download the game only from the official stores:
Google Play Store:
iTunes Store:

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Sims Freeplay Online Generator


6 Nov

Sims Freeplay Online Generator

This is the latest cheat/hack/glitch SIMS free play

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Sims Freeplay Online Generator

The Sims Freeplay |Unlimited Simoleons and LP | *NEW CHEAT* *NO ROOT* OCTOBER 2017

4 Nov

Sims Freeplay Online Generator

The Sims Freeplay |Unlimited Simoleons and LP |  *NEW CHEAT* *NO ROOT* OCTOBER 2017

Works on android device only

On this video i’ll show you how to hack The Sims Freeplay for unlimited Simoleons and Lifestyle Points. I really don’t trust MOD APK before but when i’ve tried it 2 days ago it made me believe that some MOD APK really works but maybe harmful to your device. Well, the disavantage of this is it wouldn’t allow me to connect my game to my facebook and google cloud.

Download the APK Here:
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This is the updated version of the Orb Glitch from my last video. This trick will turn your one life orb into 65,535 life orbs in just minutes. Earn ,000,000 simoleons in just 10 minutes💰💰 THIS IS 100% WORKING!!

→If you don’t have the bedside table, you can get it in the most expensive penthouse or currently the architect home #3 (on a premium lot) has the bedside table too. Get yours now before the architect homes change!😘

→You can also get the rugs in the architect homes, just search inside the homes and you can find rugs.😉

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Sims Freeplay Online Generator

How to get Unlimited LP and simoleons on Sims freeplay and lvl 52 (NEW CHEAT AVAILABLE 2017)

3 Nov

Sims Freeplay Online Generator

This cheat doesn’t need a jail broken device and it is completely FREE!
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Sims Freeplay Online Generator