Sims Freeplay | How To Make Lots Of Simoleons, Sp’s, Lp’s And Levelling Up Quicker | Sims Paradise

21 Jun

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Sims Freeplay | How To Make Lots Of Simoleons, Sp's, Lp's And Levelling Up Quicker | Sims Paradise

Hey Simmers!!


~ So Since It Is The Beginning Of May And Only 1 Month Left Until Summer Starts!! WOOP-WOOP!! No Im Just Kidding, But Who’s Excited?! So In This Video Im Going To Be Doing A Highly Requested Video That So Many Of You Guys Are Asking Me To Make A “How To Get Loads Of Simoleons, Sp’s, Lp’s And Levelling Up Quicker!” Everyday, I Get 2 To 3 Comments On My Videos Saying ,” How Come You Have 99 Million Simoleons, 9 Million Sp And Lp?! Your So Lucky You Have That Many.” So Since It Takes A While To Write Down The Methods That I Do, I Decided To Start The First Day Of May With A Tips And Tricks Video! So Enjoy!!

~ I Filmed This On May 1st And Uploading It On May 2nd! Sorry If You Get Confused…

~ Hopefully This Hack/Helpful Tips Work For You Guys! I Didn’t Get 99 Million Simoleons And 9 Million Sp’s And Lp’s From Doing This However If You Do These Methods For About 8 Years! You Will Probably Have More Than 1 Million Simoleons, Sp’s And Lp’s! When I Did This Method Before Someone Gave Me This World, I Had A Total Of 44 Million Simoleons, 4,587 Lifestyle Points And 2,314 Social Points! [ MY GAME IS HACKED, SOMEONE GAVE ME THIS WORLD! ] Just Wanted To Point It Out! 😀

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~ Sims Paradise

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