Sims Freeplay | How To Make Lots Of Simoleons And Level Up Quicker | Sims Paradise

31 May

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Hey Simmers!!

So today I’m going to be doing a quick video on how to make lots of Simoleons and gain lots of XP in The Sims Freeplay! Now I created this farm to give back to my subscribers for being so amazing and kind to me the past couple of months since I was on YouTube so thank you all so so much for all the kind comments! I love to read them. So this farm is built on the mysterious island and you can visit this through your neighbors or your party boat! If you are still on IOS 9 and have Game Centre then make sure to add me to have access to this farm and to collect your rewards! If you have IOS 10 and don’t have Game Centre no more then add my Facebook! I will be spending 60,000 Lifestyle points on this farm to speed things up. This isn’t going to be permanent due to school and all that other stuff but I’ll try my best to make it go for a long period of time!!

The Facebook Farmers in The Sims Freeplay link wasn’t available so I couldn’t get a link to visit the page but you could still visit my town!

This video was inspired by Greenoid Gemzicle so make sure to check out her amazing channel!!

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Sims Freeplay | How To Make Lots Of Simoleons, Sp’s, Lp’s And Levelling Up Quicker | Sims Paradise

21 Jun

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Sims Freeplay | How To Make Lots Of Simoleons, Sp's, Lp's And Levelling Up Quicker | Sims Paradise

Hey Simmers!!


~ So Since It Is The Beginning Of May And Only 1 Month Left Until Summer Starts!! WOOP-WOOP!! No Im Just Kidding, But Who’s Excited?! So In This Video Im Going To Be Doing A Highly Requested Video That So Many Of You Guys Are Asking Me To Make A “How To Get Loads Of Simoleons, Sp’s, Lp’s And Levelling Up Quicker!” Everyday, I Get 2 To 3 Comments On My Videos Saying ,” How Come You Have 99 Million Simoleons, 9 Million Sp And Lp?! Your So Lucky You Have That Many.” So Since It Takes A While To Write Down The Methods That I Do, I Decided To Start The First Day Of May With A Tips And Tricks Video! So Enjoy!!

~ I Filmed This On May 1st And Uploading It On May 2nd! Sorry If You Get Confused…

~ Hopefully This Hack/Helpful Tips Work For You Guys! I Didn’t Get 99 Million Simoleons And 9 Million Sp’s And Lp’s From Doing This However If You Do These Methods For About 8 Years! You Will Probably Have More Than 1 Million Simoleons, Sp’s And Lp’s! When I Did This Method Before Someone Gave Me This World, I Had A Total Of 44 Million Simoleons, 4,587 Lifestyle Points And 2,314 Social Points! [ MY GAME IS HACKED, SOMEONE GAVE ME THIS WORLD! ] Just Wanted To Point It Out! 😀

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~ Sims Paradise

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