Sims Freeplay – Money Glitch

13 May

Sims Freeplay Online Generator

In order for the money glitch to work you should have an Apple iPhone .. Also the glitch 100% works on iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus .. Sadly if you have an old iPhone if won’t work .. The money glitch also doesn’t work on iPads or computers (PC or Mac) .. If you have the iphone 6S plus or iPhone 7 the glitch way or may not work ..

Do this glitch at your own risk !! I am not responsible if something goes wrong !! But I will try my best to help if something happens to your sims freeplay or something goes wrong with your iPhone !! But you need to prove that my HACK was the cause of the error in your phone !!

P.S. You have to have wifi !! Obviously !!

LY guys! Bye!
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Sims Freeplay Online Generator

The Sims Freeplay Unlimited Simoleons And LP Glitch (Day Care Update)

25 Apr

Sims Freeplay Online Generator

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Sims Freeplay Online Generator

Sims FreePlay Duplication Glitch! (2017)

23 Apr

Sims Freeplay Online Generator

I found this cool glitch in Sims FreePlay!
1. Have completed the Perfect Patio quest (available at level 15)
2. Build a 2×6 patio
3.add a fence to the 2×6
4. With a 1×2 space, build a 2×2 patio
3. But the mutts co. kennel (or any dog house, or even any item larger that 2×1) which gives the most money
5. Place it down, facing east or west, next to the 2×2 patio
6. Go to build a new patio
7. Build a long patio, over the first half of the dog house, down to the 2×6 patio
8. The dog house should make an animation of going to your inventory
9. Two buttons should come up to your screen asking if you would build it ( a check mark) or not (an x)
10. Tap the x
11. Go to your inventory, into pets (or wherever the items category is)
12. Am extra dog house should be there
13. Keep building the long patios and pressing no
14. Sell all the extra dog house rich
If this makes no sense, then watch the video
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Sims Freeplay Online Generator

Sims free play! (HACK AND MONEY GLITCH 100%)😁😁😁

24 Jan

Sims Freeplay Online Generator

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Sims Freeplay Online Generator