Sims Freeplay 2016 Cheat With Unlimited Free LP! (Easy)

27 Aug

Sims Freeplay Online Generator

This how I received free LPs. There’s no app to download or rooting/jailbreak involved. There may be another easier way, but I’m just recreating what happened to me.

1) On my IOS 9 (iPad) my Sim was in the park standing on the pier than I switched to another Sim and played a “Social Point”.
2) Then I returned to my Sim in the park standing on the pier.
3) I uploaded to the cloud to save my data (MAKE SURE YOU CLOSE OUT GAME ON IOS BEFORE OPENING ANDROID).
4) Then on my android (Samsung S7 Edge) I downloaded the data.
5) I waited between 2 seconds to 2 minutes(Random time) then a notice of ’79 free LP’ shows.
6) Click OK and I received 79 LP
7) Then go back to cloud on your android to save data.
8) On my IOS (iPad) I downloaded saved data.
9) Just repeat the 1st step in this list to get free unlimited LP.

I hope this helped. To date I received over 10,000 free LP and because I use some of the free LP on the purple Social Point flower my Social Points are at 10,000 too. At first I felt a little guilty, however the game automatically kept giving me free LP whether I wanted them or not.

There’s no guarantee it will work for you, however it been working for me over 2 weeks. If there are any questions or if it works for you please leave comments below.


Sims Freeplay Online Generator

Comment avoir des simflouz et pmv illimité sur les sims freeplay [HACK 2016]

21 Aug

Sims Freeplay Online Generator

Le lien:

Vous tous comme dans la vidéo , quand vous aurez fini le tutoriel vous n’aurez rien , mais c’est normal … vous achetez les toilettes et l’argent et les pmv illimité apparaîtront ,

PS : L’argent restera bloquer c’est à dire : vous avez par exemple 100000 et vous achetez un truc à 39000 .. vous aurez toujours 100000 …. pareille pour les pmv et les points sociaux

Profitez bien , LIKEZ , COMMENTEZ , si la vidéo vous à plus

et partagez la vidéo à vos amis pour qu’eux aussi en profite


Musique : Tobu – Cadyland
Video Rating: / 5

Sims Freeplay Online Generator

Sims Free play Unlimited Everything !? ANDRIOD, ALL IPHONES, AND IPAD (2016)

18 Jul

Sims Freeplay Online Generator

•Here’s The Link Guys !

Steps 1. Press Download . (Not On Google/Apple) but Apk 2.5 or 2.3

2. When done downloading click on it and INSTALL The “Sims Freeplay” Game . Uninstall The original version of “Sims Freeplay” and use this one instead .

3. Complete the “Sims Freeplay” tutorial and waaalaaa . UNLIMTED EVERYTHING .!!! THANKS GUYS!! SUBSCRIBE !!! ASK QUESTIONS !! (I will respond) thanks 😊

Sims Freeplay Online Generator