The Sims FreePlay Unlimited Money And Life Points Hack 2016 Latest Version

31 Dec

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How to hack the sims freeplay v5.26.1
2016 android NO ROOT Cheat APK [unlimited money and life points]

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Truco para los Sims FreePlay

30 Dec

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Este truco consiste en ganar simeleones,pv,xp y reducir el tiempo que tardan las acciones de nuestros sims,espero les ayude,les dejo mi instagram para que puedan comunicarse conmigo,hacerme retos,preguntas y darme consejos para videos futuros

Instagram: marina_abril_69

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Sims Freeplay || iFunBox Hack for iOS ($ + LP + SP and store bundles too!) November 2015

28 Dec

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With this hack you can have the game of your dreams, not only millions of LP, SP or Simoleons, BUT ALSO the online store bundles! including long hair for free!!… Even collectibles or skyscrapers. Choose the option that suits you… Don’t forget to Like this video, please! It helps me a lot ;D

Download iFunBox for Windows and Macintosh:

MY SAVEGAMES FOLDER (Last update: November 2015)

Don’t know which file to choose? Check out this PDF first:

If you have any problem with the links above or the zip files, comment and tell me please, so I can fix it.

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The Sims FreePlay Android Review [HD]

24 Dec

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The Sims Free Play is EA’s follow-up to 2010’s Sims 3 for Android. I don’t normally review free apps (and certainly not apps that are free and then ask you to pay later on) but this one caught my Sim-loving heart.

As I mentioned in my previous Sims 3 review; I’ve been a big Sims fan from day one. Since its original release there have been lots of spin-offs and expansions – all of which I have avoided. Give me the simple ‘make-your-Sim-happy-and-get-a-better-job’ style gameplay and I’ll quite happily play for hours. Add in stupid dating or magical expansion packs and I’ll look elsewhere.

And this is why I have been playing Sims Free Play every day for three weeks now.

You start the game with an empty town map and you’ve got to select your plot to build on. Your initial build will come without a fee (and it’s not a bad house either) just to get you going and then it’s time for the fun part – creating your Sim.

I was quite surprised at how much you can play around with the look of your Sim. When compared with The Sims 3 there must be ten times as many clothes, hairstyles and personalities to choose from. You could quite easily spend twenty minutes just making your Sim look how you want him to.

Once created it’s time to move your Sim into their new home. The tutorial does a great job at introducing you to how the game works and what you should be doing to get your Sim up and running in their new place. This is when you realise that ‘real-time’ really does mean real-time. Events that occur in The Sims FreePlay take as long as they would in the real world. Send your Sim to the toilet and they’ll take 10-15 seconds to perform the action. Washing hands – 10 seconds. Fancy a good night’s sleep? That’ll be 7 hours please.

This real-time gameplay may not be to everyone’s tastes but it does work for people who, like me, have things to do during the day – like work! Send your Sim off to work in the morning and when you get home from work yourself they’ll have finished as well.

Each action your Sim performs earns experience points (or ‘XP’) and in some cases money too. The more XP you earn the more things you unlock in the game and the more money you have means nicer things for your Sims.

If you want your Sim to earn more money and XP then you’ve got to keep your Sim happy just as previous Sims games would have you do. By fulfilling the usual Sims needs (hunger, toilet, cleanliness, fun, social and sleep) you can make your Sim feel fulfilled. A fulfilled Sim earns more XP/money for actions performed and if they perform the action in their own household they get even more still. This is where the management of your Sims comes in. Keep your Sims fulfilled and doing things in their own home may seem a bit anti-social but it helps you level up a lot quicker. There are some cases however that you may want to have all your Sims in one house and make them fulfilled there – mainly because it means you don’t have to keep switching between houses which will save vital seconds of time.

As you progress through the tutorial you’ll notice you receive ‘Life Points’ for completing goals. Life Points are for the impatient amongst us who don’t want to wait 12 hours for a house to build or can’t wait any longer for their Sim to finish in the bath. Using up a Life Point will instantly complete an action/task and save you having to wait around. This can be useful when you’re building things around town such as new houses or workplaces. Think of Life Point as gold dust because that’s pretty much what they are.

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How to hack : The SimsFreePlay

23 Dec

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