Sims Freeplay Time Cheat- January 2014

3 Oct

Sims Freeplay Online Generator

Sorry I wasn’t talking, it was late at night!

This video shows you how to finish your activities quickly and even earn simoleons. PLEASE READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION BEFORE STARTING VIDEO.

❁ steps:
1. Open SFP & have your sims planting, hibernating, eating, ect.- anything time consuming
2. Wait for the simoleon red bubbles to go away then go to your settings
3. (Make sure your date & time are set to “set automatically before you start) Turn on Airplane mode, go to date & time and turn off “set automatically”
4. Change date way into future (ex: Jan 1 2014 to June 23 2018)
5. *IMPORTANT: after setting date, quickly turn off airplane mode & switch back to SFP

If you see “connecting to server,” you probably did it wrong. If you see the can’t connect message, DO NOT tap “retry” wait until it goes away itself. It means you’ve done part of it right.
To know you did it completely right you will get:
your activities are completed, mail, your sims come back from work/paid, all inspired sims, & added simoleons to what you already have.

There are many variants to the product of this cheat, but if you do it correctly, you will get the maximum reward. Side note: this cheat will probably mess up your party boat, 900+ hours of competition center, sims might not go to work, no mail, ect. SO DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!

CHEAT FROM: Rachael Furmage -thank you!
Device used: iPad 2 running on iOS 7.0.4
❁ Thank you for watching!

Sims Freeplay Online Generator