How to hack the sims freeplay jailbreak

6 Nov

Sims Freeplay Online Generator
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If you already have sims freeplay from the App Store, there is no need to delete it.
If yours doesn’t work, comment down below so that I can update the method 🙂

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Sims Freeplay Online Generator


6 Nov

Sims Freeplay Online Generator

This is the latest cheat/hack/glitch SIMS free play

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Sims Freeplay Online Generator

The Sims Freeplay |Unlimited Simoleons and LP | *NEW CHEAT* *NO ROOT* OCTOBER 2017

4 Nov

Sims Freeplay Online Generator

The Sims Freeplay |Unlimited Simoleons and LP |  *NEW CHEAT* *NO ROOT* OCTOBER 2017

Works on android device only

On this video i’ll show you how to hack The Sims Freeplay for unlimited Simoleons and Lifestyle Points. I really don’t trust MOD APK before but when i’ve tried it 2 days ago it made me believe that some MOD APK really works but maybe harmful to your device. Well, the disavantage of this is it wouldn’t allow me to connect my game to my facebook and google cloud.

Download the APK Here:
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This is the updated version of the Orb Glitch from my last video. This trick will turn your one life orb into 65,535 life orbs in just minutes. Earn ,000,000 simoleons in just 10 minutes💰💰 THIS IS 100% WORKING!!

→If you don’t have the bedside table, you can get it in the most expensive penthouse or currently the architect home #3 (on a premium lot) has the bedside table too. Get yours now before the architect homes change!😘

→You can also get the rugs in the architect homes, just search inside the homes and you can find rugs.😉

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Sims Freeplay Online Generator


4 Nov

Sims Freeplay Online Generator

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Sims Freeplay Online Generator

How to get Unlimited LP and simoleons on Sims freeplay and lvl 52 (NEW CHEAT AVAILABLE 2017)

3 Nov

Sims Freeplay Online Generator

This cheat doesn’t need a jail broken device and it is completely FREE!
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Sims Freeplay Online Generator


2 Nov

Sims Freeplay Online Generator


Hey there, in this video I show you how to get free unlimited simoleons and lifestyle points using this The Sims Freeplay Hack Online. This The Sims Freeplay Cheats uses a money glitch in the game’s server to generate free Simoleons and Lifestyle Points. This The Sims Freeplay LifeStyle Points Cheat will work on all devices including iPhone, iPad & Android. No Root or No Jailbreak needed. There is No Survey. Enjoy!

About the game:

Over the past week I’ve become intimately familiar with the virtual life of a geeky tech-industry maven named Jess, who I gave wide, swishy hips and a sly smirk. As of this writing, she has completed the level 10 programming skill, felt sad once and happy 232 times, WooHooed only nine times, and had two kids with the husband she met at a bar. I’m having a hard time saying goodbye to her, admittedly, so I have her drinking anti-aging potions. I encounter this problem with a lot of the games, and this time it’s even worse (because a lot of things are better). But at the same time, The it’s lack of features and small world hasn’t let Jess live her life to the fullest. Even though it’s fun, it’s a big letdown that this sequel doesn’t inspire the same wow factor that The it did when I first played it years ago.

When I created Jess, I was immediately impressed by the appearance-customization options. Picking a Sim’s walk style, which can vary from “tough” to “feminine,” does a lot to express personality (and it’ll change to a slouch if they’re tired or an “I have to pee” walk when their bladders are uncomfortably full). The new Create-a-Sim in general is really intuitive, allowing you to push and pull at different parts of a Sim’s body in order to get the exact size and shape you’re looking for. I’m a huge believer in body positivity and beauty in all bodies, so seeing more realistic representations of various body types was really encouraging. I gave Jess thick thighs and hips and kept her upper body lean, because I finally could.

I was disappointed, however, that I could give her only four total traits — three, if you don’t count the trait associated with her lifetime aspiration. That’s one fewer than The allows, or two if you have the University Life expansion. It turned out to be less of a problem than I’d imagined, though, because the addition of emotions makes a lot out of a little.

Trying to get Jess a date was my first brush with the new emotional axis to it’ personalities, a system that successfully supplants traits as a more realistic way for it to live and interact. I quickly learned that Jess, who I gave the “romantic” trait, very easily swung into “flirty” feelings. Feeling flirty unlocked several fun interaction options, like posing seductively or taking a cold shower to quell thoughts of WooHoo. (Pro tip: Use some of the flirty options before jumping straight to WooHoo. In the spirit of realism, it will get a better mood boost from it afterward.) On the other hand, going too long without flirting made her “tense,” which opened up another set of actions.
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Sims Freeplay Online Generator

NEW CHEAT Sims iPhone FreePlay Money Cheat – Uta

1 Nov

Sims Freeplay Online Generator

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Sims Freeplay Online Generator